About Our Packaging

In the Black Cookie Co. is built on love for family and food. And that extends to the environment.

At ITBCC, we use entirely sustainable products to ship our little bundles of sugar joy as a love for the future is inherent to our core values.

As a former executive chef for more than 20 years, I’ve sampled all sorts of food delivery services, from meal prep to baked goods and everything in between. And one of the things I’ve found is that specialized food delivery gifts are packed well but made with sub-par ingredients or are poorly packaged and made with quality ingredients in a bid to keep costs down.

At ITBCC, we want our sweet treats to be the full quality package that looks great from the minute the box arrives and tastes delicious down to the very last crumb inside it.

Utilizing eco-friendly packaging was a top priority in launching ITBCC. We feel that our packaging should enhance the quality of the cookies it holds while also helping to protect our environment.

Every part of our packaging is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. ITBCC stickers can be easily removed (and look great on a hydro flask, though we’re obviously biased). We also offer a memorable unboxing experience that, like our cookies, can make anyone’s days a little sweeter. Check out what Kathy has to say about our box.

An In the Black Cookie Co. box is a thoughtful gift made with quality and care that spreads kindness, gratitude and love to your person and to our planet.